Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Trying to get EVERYONE for a family picture was impossible this year! So stay tuned for a family picture early January.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Jay and I had the pleasure of going to Hawaii with Ryan and Amber in celebrating our 31st Wedding Anniversary. We had a week full of shaved ice, sight seeing, temple going, watching beautiful sunsets, attending the Polynesian Cultural Center, reading a book together and just enjoying the beach, and a bike ride. It was a opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place on earth with my sweetheart, renewing our love, dedication and commitment to one another.
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Okay! Only one more smilebox after this one. Now you can see why it's taken me so long to cauch up on my blog!

Tyler's homecoming

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Tyler came home from serving in the Sacramento, California mission on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008. Cyndi and the kids were able to be with us at the airport. Jonn and Judy hosted a dinner Saturday, prior to his speaking in Sacrament meeting. Dana and Beth were up for a bridal shower for Elyse. Susan and two of her girls, Marnie and Natalie were able to join us. It's wonderful being with family.

Bateman Family Reunion

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This August we enjoyed a family reunion in Provo planned by Scott and Jina. We started off with dinner up in the Canyon, but got rained out and ended up at our home. We played Ducky, ducky, and the ring game. Saturday we enjoyed a visit to the Spanish Fork cemetery, a family homestead in Spanish, Veterans park for lunch and some water fun, then back to Scott and Jina's for dinner. Sunday was Robert's homecoming. It was a great weekend. We did miss some of our family members who couldn't make it but want you to know that we love you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bass 2008

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I know I'm back tracking! We had such a wonderful summer, enjoying many family vacations and reunions of both sides of the family. This is a small highlight of our annual trip to Bass Lake California, located in Central California, nestled up in the mountains close to Yosemite.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Mom,

It's that time again. Christmas card season...da da da. Remember how we always wore matching outfits? You did such a great job dressing us up. Maybe this year you should go for a card like this and say: "Enjoy the Journey".

OR... 31 years strong
Or... "Still in love".
OR...Just brainstorming.

I love you,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tyler is Home

He is almost as handsome as his dad...almost.

Friday, July 11, 2008

As my daughters remind me, " Mom, you need to post!" The months of May and June have been extremely busy at work trying to finish up reports for the state and tie up loose ends for the school year. Laurel, the office secretary is moving to Seattle this summer so I have been training a new secretary. I've had fun making some purses these last couple of months for mothers day and some gifts. Here is the one I made for Laurel. The month of July continued to be busy with scheduling for grades K-8. July 10th was my last working day until August 4th when we will all hit the ground running getting ready for teacher training and school starting on the 20th. Our project for this summer has been to update the downstairs bathroom. WHEW! I think I would rather work fulltime. Pictures to follow as the tile will not get laid until we get back from Bass Lake. I'm also painting the small upstairs bathroom and hall going into the laundry room. I'll be ready for a week of vacationing by the lake, reading and enjoying family. (sorry, I'm still new at this and don't know how to rotate the picture. I'll have to wait for Amber to visit and help me!!)

Josie turns 2

Josie turned 2 the end of May. Fortunately, it fell on Memorial day weekend so we were able to drive out to Dutch John and celebrate! Amber made her a Nemo cake (I think nemo was one of her first words). It was a little on the cool side so we played inside with some new toys. Jay helped Ron (Ryan's dad) work in the basement and did some odd jobs outside. It was a bonus to see Lisa and Bradley as they are both working out there this summer. We always enjoy our visits as it is quiet and relaxing up in the mountains.

Friends in April

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Conference weekend we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ at the Hong's condo in Provo. It was so fun to visit and see friends again.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lisa's 19!

Unfortunately it was Fast Sunday today so she didn't get her birthday breakfast in bed. For tomorrow she wants lumpy cream of wheat. I spent forever figuring out how to make it without the lumps! Lisa is a beautiful girl inside and out. We love her kind, gentle sweet spirit, her obedient nature and her fun loving attitude. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Sister's Weekend

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Lynn and I had a great weekend at Women's Conference held at BYU. It started early on Thursday morning as we both wanted to participate in the Instant Choir. We had to be at the Marriot Center at 6:30 am. After the general session we had a difficult time getting into the first workshop, so we decided to have lunch. We waited a little too long to get into line for the second workshop and missed that one as well. We choose another one and we both felt like we should have taken a nap. We were able to attend the third workshop on music in the home and enjoyed the message. The one pearl I received was to play uplifting, holy music while getting ready in the morning. Thus, helping me remember to say my prayers and not just hit the floor running. We came home and had dinner and then went back for a fun concert, featuring many vocal artists. We got to bed at 11:00pm. A long day but worth it. Friday we were able to sleep in and get to the Marriot Center to hear Julie Beck speak. We had learned our lessons well from the previous day and figured out a schedule to make it into all the workshops, have lunch, plus do a little shopping. We stopped by Olive Garden on our way home, put our pj's on and watched a Gary Grant, Audrey Hepburn movie "Charade". Janet stopped by and visited for awhile. Saturday morning we visited Jina, went to breakfast and I dropped Lynn off with her friend Sheri. We had a wonderful time and thought of all of you, my wonderful sisters and wished you could have been here to share with us.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bradley's First Lacrosse game

This was taken last Wednesday at Bradley's first Lacrosse game. It was a beautiful day but got a little chiller towards the end. Bradley's No. 8. Lacrosse is a fast, aggressive game. It looks like a cross between football, soccer , and being able to hit your opponent with your stick. He loves it! He plans on playing for the next couple of years.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missionary Update

Elder Garlock is doing great in Sacramento. He was just recently transferred (one ward over, same district), his new companion is the Elder on the far right. I don't know what the "Forgotten District 08" means? Any guesses? From his last letter here are a few questions he answered:
Q. Who are you teaching?
A. Currently we have this great family of 5 who looks promising. We also have gotten a few referrals that we are excited about.
Q. What is your favorite lesson to teach?
A. I love the lesson we teach after the Restoration. It is about the blessing of church and such. It gets them excited and prepared to come to church.
Q. What is your favorite scripture this week?
A. Romans 4:16
Q. What has the spirit taught you this week?
A. I was reading in Romans 2:19 and reflecting on the concept of light. I thought of my patriarchal blessing that said, "I am to go forth and be a shining light". I reflected on my mission and life and saw how that has been and the way God has prepared me.
Q. How did you grow spiritual from being sick?
A. While I was sick 3 people were baptized in the wards we were working with. It surly wasn't from my companion, and me since I was in bed coughing up mucus. It taught me that I can't do it without God, but he can do it without me.

He also shared a sweet experience he had with a part member family who they started teaching the little girl to preparing her for baptism. Soon, the whole family was being taught. The father is now preparing to be baptized and receive the priesthood so he can baptize his little girl on March 22nd.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jay's trip to the hospital

  Thursday, the day of President Hinckley's viewing all the nurses from the Church office building were at the Conference center due to the large crowds coming to the viewing.  When Jay felt dizzy and made his way to the nurses station, no one was there to help.  Upon seeing the immediate need for some medical attention someone was called over.  After an examination, and the fact that the dizziness and nausiousness wouldn't stop, a call to 911 was placed.  An ambulance came and took him to the LDS  hospital emergency room.  The last time Jay was admitted to a hospital was when he had his tonsils out when he was 8 years old. He's a pretty healthy guy considering that he eats broccoli and squash for breakfast!  After  3 hours of taking test, waiting for the results he was released to go home with a prescription for the dizziness and a suggestion to see his local physician. The cat scan and MRI came out clean.  No tumors or strokes.   On the way home I asked if they used the siren to transport him and he said, "No."  We both thought of Amber driving the ambulance in Dutch John.  
     The follow up visit with an eye, ear, throat, nose specialist didn't offer a clear diagnose.  Some theories are:  a virus that has to run it's course, meniere's disease, vertigo.  We just need to watch it over time and he goes back in 3 months.  

Bradley's driving ALONE!

Bradley is the proud owner of a Utah Drivers License.  He passed the driving test at the DMV with a 97%.  He's enjoying the freedom of driving himself to school, LaCrosse practice, church and school activities.  No friends for 6 months.  He's getting lots of experience driving on snowy roads this winter.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1/2 marathon

    To escape the cold weather in Provo, Jay and Lisa ventured down to St. George and ran the 1/2 marathon in January.  They enjoyed the 50 degree weather, a little shopping, and eating out.  They came home with a little sun on their faces and ready to face the rest of winter.  Lisa placed 2nd in her age group.  They both broke their own records and had a fantastic time.