Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lisa's 19!

Unfortunately it was Fast Sunday today so she didn't get her birthday breakfast in bed. For tomorrow she wants lumpy cream of wheat. I spent forever figuring out how to make it without the lumps! Lisa is a beautiful girl inside and out. We love her kind, gentle sweet spirit, her obedient nature and her fun loving attitude. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Sister's Weekend

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Lynn and I had a great weekend at Women's Conference held at BYU. It started early on Thursday morning as we both wanted to participate in the Instant Choir. We had to be at the Marriot Center at 6:30 am. After the general session we had a difficult time getting into the first workshop, so we decided to have lunch. We waited a little too long to get into line for the second workshop and missed that one as well. We choose another one and we both felt like we should have taken a nap. We were able to attend the third workshop on music in the home and enjoyed the message. The one pearl I received was to play uplifting, holy music while getting ready in the morning. Thus, helping me remember to say my prayers and not just hit the floor running. We came home and had dinner and then went back for a fun concert, featuring many vocal artists. We got to bed at 11:00pm. A long day but worth it. Friday we were able to sleep in and get to the Marriot Center to hear Julie Beck speak. We had learned our lessons well from the previous day and figured out a schedule to make it into all the workshops, have lunch, plus do a little shopping. We stopped by Olive Garden on our way home, put our pj's on and watched a Gary Grant, Audrey Hepburn movie "Charade". Janet stopped by and visited for awhile. Saturday morning we visited Jina, went to breakfast and I dropped Lynn off with her friend Sheri. We had a wonderful time and thought of all of you, my wonderful sisters and wished you could have been here to share with us.