Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martin Luther King weekend was the three days decided on for our "Girls Weekend". Cyndi and baby Ruthie flew in. Unfortunately, Lisa and Cyndi missed each other by hours. We didn't know Lisa's departure date to the Ukraine until after we booked the ticket. Another unfortunate mishap was that the pictures from the whole weekend were wiped off my camera before they could be downloaded> so sorry no pictures but know that we had a FUN TIME! Here's our itenary:
Thursday: Amber picked up Cyndi and hung out at Temple Square, had lunch with dad,, came home, had dinner and watched Julie/Julia - Bed 12:30 a.m.
Friday: shopping at IKEA, lunch at IKEA (my first trip), Amber went to work, Cyndi and I made bruschetta, smoothies and ben soup for dinner - Bed 12:30 a.m.
Saturday: Dad and Cyndi went on a run, Girls had facials (another first for me), had a great luncheon with family and friends at the house, went to the Hale Theater and saw April Ann (an original play written by Nathan and Ruth Hale) - Bed 1:00 a.m.
Sunday: Church at 9:00, lunch and off to the airport.



Bob and Julie said...

What?!?! Lisa's in the Ukraine. I am soooo out of it!!! That is such a huge bummer to miss each other like that. Man, you have the curse of the Julie over there. Hopefully it will stay with you and leave me from now on :).

I love how you organized the weekend and are getting together as girls. What FUN!!! Plus, I always loved it when I left Bob alone with the kids for a while because his level of appreciation sky rocketed so when I got back, he loved me soooo much!! So, see, it was a marriage therapy weekend also - ha! :) You are wonderful!!

Cami said...

So glad we got to see Cyndi for a bit. Thanks for hosting a GREAT luncheon. We had a great time! Glad to hear you all had fun the rest of the weekend.

Beth said...

How fun to have your girls for the weekend! I didn't know Cyndi named her daugher Ruthie...I will have to let Ruth know!

Is anyone in your family running in the St George Marathon this weekend? Charles and I will first marathon.

How long is Lisa going to be in the Ukraine? Is she doing the same thing that Cyndi did in China? What a wonderful experiance she will have!

Bob and Julie said...

What?!?! I didn't know Cyndi went to China....I am SERIOUSLY out of it!! Oh my! I have to call that chick!